Work From Home!

Being a Stay-At-Home Mom (notice I capitalized the title because it is indeed a real job!) has been one of the biggest blessings that God has given me. It gives me the ability to put my print on my kids and instill them with the morals and values that are most important to me and my husband. It’s overwhelming at times, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.
Although a great experience, being home with my littles sometimes made me feel that I wasn’t doing enough. While Jarius is the primary breadwinner and focuses strictly on football, I am responsible for managing both our households and maintaining a thriving, prosperous, peaceful, loving environment for my family. My husband earns more than enough money to support our family while I wasn’t working, but some days I felt a sense of guilt because I wasn’t bringing in any income. I was accustomed to working or being in school, but once I graduated in May 2012, I felt like I wasn’t being productive anymore. Although I was taking care of home, I knew that I could be doing more to add to our success as a family.
About 2 years ago, I decided to dabble in a health and wellness business that I could work from home. The company is called Advocare, and it’s the best thing that I could have done for myself and my family. I work as much or as little as I want, and to be honest, it’s not even really WORK. Its merely networking and spreading the word about the products we use daily. The product virtually sells itself. My kids don’t even notice when I’m “working.” I decide when and how much time I want to dedicate to growing my business. PLUS, it only cost me around $79 to start my own Advocare business as a product distributor.
There are three main product lines that I distribute, and what’s good for you depends on your health goals. There is the “Trim” line that is for people who are aiming for weight loss; the “Performance Elite” line that is for athletes and people who workout/train more; and the “Wellness” line for people who want to live a healthier lifestyle in general.
I use products from each line and so does my husband. Advocare is in NFL locker rooms and endorsed by NFL players and other professional athletes (the reason my husband decided to try it). I started distributing the product because we were going to be using it anyway, and we love the results that we have gotten thus far.
If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning more about Advocare for personal use or business, please email: Also, check out our website,, where you can learn more about the products and place an online order.

Super Quick Makeup Routine

Sooooo, to start off, I am NOT a big “make-upper.” I experimented with a lot of different styles and types of makeup in college, but I have grown away from it in the past few years. I even attempted at a Mary Kay business when I lived in Green Bay. Ha! Let’s just say that it wasn’t as successful as I would have liked! I have two little ones that are 3 and 5 years old, so being glamorous ALL the time is not happening. I do, however, usually have about five minutes to spare, so I came up with a go-to makeup routine that can be done in this time. It’s simple and is light coverage, but it gives you that extra boost of confidence you may need to conquer your day. I often look in the mirror and give myself encouraging words, so when I see a cutie (and not a zombie) smiling back, it’s always inspiring! Let me know if this works for you and please share your quick makeup routines! Smooches (with nude lip gloss!)


1. Splash face with water (your face should be clean before you start)
2. Pat dry until your face is slightly damp
3. Moisturize
4. Apply liquid foundation outward from your nose and blend, blend, blend!
5. Apply blush/cheek powder
6. Apply bronzer to the perimeter of your face and to the bridge of your nose and cheeks.
7. Add dark eyeliner on bottom eyelid
8. Add mascara to top lashes
9. Add whatever color lip gloss/stick you’re in the mood for that day!