Super Quick Makeup Routine

Sooooo, to start off, I am NOT a big “make-upper.” I experimented with a lot of different styles and types of makeup in college, but I have grown away from it in the past few years. I even attempted at a Mary Kay business when I lived in Green Bay. Ha! Let’s just say that it wasn’t as successful as I would have liked! I have two little ones that are 3 and 5 years old, so being glamorous ALL the time is not happening. I do, however, usually have about five minutes to spare, so I came up with a go-to makeup routine that can be done in this time. It’s simple and is light coverage, but it gives you that extra boost of confidence you may need to conquer your day. I often look in the mirror and give myself encouraging words, so when I see a cutie (and not a zombie) smiling back, it’s always inspiring! Let me know if this works for you and please share your quick makeup routines! Smooches (with nude lip gloss!)


1. Splash face with water (your face should be clean before you start)
2. Pat dry until your face is slightly damp
3. Moisturize
4. Apply liquid foundation outward from your nose and blend, blend, blend!
5. Apply blush/cheek powder
6. Apply bronzer to the perimeter of your face and to the bridge of your nose and cheeks.
7. Add dark eyeliner on bottom eyelid
8. Add mascara to top lashes
9. Add whatever color lip gloss/stick you’re in the mood for that day!

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