Earth’s Perfect Moisturizer!

Over the past few years, I have tried many oils and moisturizers for my hair and body. Some are too greasy, and some are too light. Coconut oil, however, is the PERFECT oil for both. It moisturizes without leaving much oily residue behind and it does not cause build-up in my hair. I love it, and I swear by it.

Many people use coconut oil to cook with, but I’m not a big fan of the taste. To each it’s own, though. When you purchase this oil, be sure to get the organic, pure, unrefined version of it.

For my hair, I use coconut oil at least every other day. I have dry hair, and coconut oil is the ONLY oil that penetrates the hair shaft, which makes for optimum moisture. I dampen my hair with a spray bottle, then add a nickel-sized amount of the oil to my hair, concentrating on the ends, since this is the weakest, driest part of your tresses. It makes the hair really soft and manageable. I also use this oil on my kids’ hair. It is great because it’s natural and has no added chemicals, which can be harmful.

For my body, I use this oil every day. It feels so silky on the skin, and the smell is SENSATIONAL! After a shower, I blot my body with a towel, leaving myself slightly damp. I then slather the coconut oil all over in a thin layer. For my body (I’m pretty tall at 5’9”) it takes about 4-5 quarter sized scoops to get the job done. This oil makes my skin SO soft and seals in moisture from the dampness.

I just wanted to share this little tidbit with you because coconut oil has changed my life for the better! It is my go-to, every day, everything oil! I’m all for naturals and organics, so this miracle worker means a lot to me! Try it out today. You can generally find it at any Whole Foods store or in the natural section of your grocer. What’s your favorite moisturizer and why?